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Sombras que resaltan mi color de ojos

As our eyes are the most important area of our face, make-up artist we need to know to get the most out of our eyes, becoming one of the priority objectives to achieve when make-up face.

According to expert makeup tips, all eyes any shade of shadow support, the issue is that some colors in their favor more than others, so it is important to find the tones of shadows that enhance your eye color. We share the tricks that will make your eyes look more impressive. According to the makeup expert advice, all eyes admit any shade of shadow, the issue is that some colors in their favor more than others, so it is important to find the tones ofshadows that highlight the color of your eyes. We share the tricks that will make youreyes look more imposing.

Choose the goal you want to achieve

1 .- To achieve a look deep.- You will get an intense look, if you use dark colors and especially black.

2 .- Seems bigger eyes.- To achieve your goal, you should use light colors, and extremely white.

Ringtones that suit you best

1 .- Ojos green.- I feel perfectly any color shade you wear. If you’re looking enhance your look you can use a shade crimson, purple or pink. If you intend to stand out in a single color, you have to focus on the green. Your eyes will look spectacular choose similar tones to the color of the iris. If you want to get a look brighter, you should highlight your eyes with copper or gold colors.

2 .- Eyes brown.- When your eyes are brown, the colors that suit you best and highlight your eyes, are the chocolate tones, along which the copper and gold that will provide sparkle to your look. It is also very flattering color maroon.

3 .- Eyes Blue.- If your eyes are blue, you can combine with any tone. Light colors increase the size of the eye and decrease dark vivacity and brightness of your eyes. If you apply a shadow blue the same color of your eyes, the monochromatic look will do you perfectly.

Ojala serve you these few tips and learn how to get a good match to your eyes. Mood makeup and what eyes.

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