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Consejos para maquillar los ojos

The eyes are the most visible part of the face and when you learn to accentuate them, you can say you’re now an expert makeup artist. Bear in mind when making up the eyes: its shape, the result you want to accomplish and the latest trends of the season.

It is the first area of the body where all eyes are directed, so you should try to highlight them so pretty and flattering. Then we give you some tips to make up the eyes, including the first recommendation is that the paint with a rounded appearance.

Equipment needed

1 .- little brush for shade.

2 .- pencil eyeliner.- Choose the color of pencil eyeliner depending on the tone of youreyes. If you have the eyes you can use black black, if you have one eye brown, the more you’ll pencil is dark gray or blue-black. Finally, if youreyes are claritas can choose between blue or dark green.

3 .- Rimel.- The mascara adds depth to the eye.

4 .- eyelash curler.- fundamental element

5 .- Shadow.- At least you have two different color shades to match. A coffee shade, if you wish, and the other shadow either translucent white shade or light pink. The mission of these shadows clear, is to make the eye look bigger.

Technique step by step

1 .- Ojos clean.- Removes traces of makeup you may have in your eyes.

2 .- Shadow clear.- Put the shadow clarita mostly to the eye.

3 .- Shadow dark.- On the lid you should use only the shadow of dark shades. You have to blend very well the line that separates the colors of the twoshadows.

4 .- Three different shades of shadows.- When using three different colors, you have to apply yourself the shade darker on the line where the lid ends at the opposite side of the tabs. You will look great if blending away with a brush diagonally shaded dark with the other two.

5 .- Curl the lashes.- Now is the time to use the curler eyelash curlers.

6 .- Time of liner.- If you want to achieve a make-up casual, you put theeyeliner on the eyelid above and if, by contrast, want to get onemake more intense, you should paint both eyelids. When your eyes are rather small, you get only in the lower eyelid.

7 .- Mask.- Put the mascara.

8 .- Cejas.- and fix should be to tweeze the eyebrows. If you have any bald píntatela pencil eyeliner the same color of the eyebrows.

We hope these tips make up the eyes will prove useful. This is the start to be a great makeup artist. Your eyes now look more beautiful.

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